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Video Production // How Does It Work?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

The process and cost of video production is something which scares most people, mostly because it is by nature more complex and not as easy to understand something like photography.

If you've decided video is something you're interested in to promote your business or product then we break down our process here for you in a digestible way

most thinking it could be costly & long-winded

Luckily its not as scary as you think and can be broken down into three steps, Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.



This is the planning stage where we put ideas on paper and come up with a concept for the your video.

We like to meet people face to face, by video chat or phone call and talk through your needs and requirements. We like to get as much detail from you as possible so we can save time on the actual shoot day and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Prior to us meeting, you need to ask yourself some of the following;

- Where the shoot will take place?

- The end goal of the video (more online sales, more people contacting you, brand awarness etc)

- What platform will the video be used on? (Youtube? FaceBook? Webpage?)

- A deadline you need the video by?

- Do we need any special permissions to film?

With these few establishing questions answered, we can provide you with an estimate for the video and begin to plan out your project. We'll create a storyboard with an idea with a few notes and send it to you, you are welcome to add your ideas and make suggestions. This will form the basic concept of your video ready for the next stage.



The big day! We will arrive at the agreed time with the necessary hardware required to create your video. We will begin by setting up our equipment for the first scene and breif all those involved to make sure everyone is clear on the days shoot an address any concerns that may arrise.

Working through the shot list help keeps things moving but if we need to flex from the brief at all then we're happy to do so as long as it helps achieve the overall focus of the video.

When we have captured everything we need, we'll pack up, and leave the set as we found it before moving onto the final stage of the process.



When the dust has settled and the cameras have been cleaned and stored away, we will begin to import and catalogue the footage captured before building the story through our editing software.

Editing is a 'how long is a piece of string' type of scenario, if we're editing a quick interview with no cuts it could take an hour, if we are creating a 10 minute brand video with multiple cuts and diaglog, it could be a couple of days - either way we only charge for the time we take.

When the first cut is together (the rough cut) we'll send it over to you to see if you're happy with the story created and if you need any changes making.

Once we've dialled in the video, we will polish it up! Adding colour grading, transitions, overlay, graphics or voice overs, this is known as the final cut.

Once the video is finalised, we will send it over to you in the agreed ratio and format ready for you to use it where you like!

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