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Armed with an ambition to make our passions our livelihood and a love for photography, film and the creative arts, Video Box was born.

To create awesome and engaging content, supporting everyone from established businesses to small passionate business owners, event makers, creatives and independents to increase their digital marketing exposure.


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At Video Box we are a small independently run business who loves to create engaging, creative and fun photo/video content that helps you captivate and connect better with your audience.

One way in which we differ from other content creators is that whilst we know how to capture a great shot, we also know our stuff when it comes to social media strategy, brand-building and digital marketing.


Our aim is simple, we want to see our content and your brand thrive. So if you're looking for a couple of passionate individuals that will invest into your story, provide you with cracking content and the know-how of marketing yourselves in an effective way, we want to hear from you!


THEN if you're one to plan ahead, let us help you build a content plan/strategy that will engage your audience for the long-term...


We like to support, big and small.

As passionate people, our work is much more than just a pay cheque for us. We believe that high quality, professional video content & photography should be available to ALL who wish to market themselves in a better way and to a fuller potential!

Which is why we try to keep our processes as efficient as possible, making our service more accessible for a range of production budgets whilst maintaining the same bespoke level of service.


Video and Photography projects and packages come in all shapes, sizes and complexities so it's always hard to give a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to quotations. When you get in touch with us, just provide us with as much detail as possible, an idea of your budget and we are happy to explore ways of adapting to a range of budget's and cash flow that works for us all.

Behind the lens
James Kelly headshot
James of Video Box


The name's James.
Coffee addict.

Car enthusiast & camera nerd.

Snapping away & creating film

since 2006.

Starting in his youth capturing video content of friends riding on bikes, and mostly editing content of failed stunts, James' long standing passion for film and photography has enabled him to build up a diverse portfolio of content, working with individuals and businesses across a wide range of industries/backgrounds.


One of his more recent personal projects is co-running a Lowrider Car community brand, creating social media, YouTube content & live event coverage to engage and build up a loyal fan base.

Laura Kelly of Videobox

Creative & Production Director

Pattern, print & plant obsessive

Enjoys a cocktail on the weekend 😉

Laura at Video Box


The second part of our duo and the creative eye behind almost everything we do. With a First Class Honors degree in Fashion Studies and more recently a well established career in Business Development and Brand Management, Laura carries a vast amount of knowledge in how to develop content in line with your brand message and importantly how that translates into better engagement / exposure for your business, brand or product across web / social channels.


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